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10 Popular Ugly Cry Memes

When your sobbing escalates to the next level, and you lose control of your face, you have an “ugly cry.” The Urban Dictionary defines it as “a form of crying that can feel wonderful and horrible simultaneously.” We’ve ranked the top 10 best “ugly cry” memes from least to most hilarious.

1. When you realize it’s time to back to reality again

  • Who doesn’t love Mondays, right? Sadly, when that first Monday alarm goes off, it only means it’s time to go back hustling.


2. Nobody’s going to know. How would they know?

  • I believe the perfect song for this is ” Dying inside to hold you” by Tommy Thomas is the perfect song to go along with this meme.

3. You have to do what you must do.

  • Who says you can’t comfort yourself. Sometimes you have to take issues into your own hands.


4. Don’t be depressed. Technically, pajamas are pants.

  • When you are all comfy in bed, doing Netflix and chilling, you only remember you ordered food and have to get it at the door.


5. Not all people crying are sad. Some are just tears of joy.

  • Crying is not always sad. Sometimes it means you are just overjoyed.


6. When you move them inside, they start crying again

  • Babies are just too cute and crazy at the same time.


7. A Crying Meme Crafted for Everybody Who Can’t handle Even Minor Criticism

  • you will always have that one companion on the road trip that would always do the talking throughout the journey.


8. If taking your advice was simple, perhaps the world would’ve been better

  • The irony is giving out advice to your friends but realizing that you can’t apply the same thing to your problems.


9. The Music ‘My heart will go on’ Is Having a Different Influence on Millennials These Days

  • Insert last song syndrome every time you listen to that music. You relate.


10. It hurts not to be the most trustworthy or the attractive one in the group

  • when you realize that life is just a little too unfair most of the circumstances.


Life is hard as it is already, and laughing is always the best medicine. Thankfully, all these memes we can find online keep us smiling and entertained throughout the day.

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