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Would Curly Hair Look Good in Wolf Cut?

A new hair trend emerges as Gen Z and the internet significant takes inspiration from edgy trends from the past. A prime example is the wolf cut. The aggressive and wild appearance, which got its name from how it resembles a wolf’s mane, is currently a hot trend, but deeper investigation reveals hints of its origins. Professional hairstylist Philip B. describes it as “essentially blending two famous, defining periods in music, style, and pop culture—the ’70s and ’80s—and getting molded into a more modern-day aesthetic.”

According to Philip, the style characterizes by wispy pieces around the crown, balanced by tapered, tousled layers cascading downwards. he said.

But don’t assume that curly hair won’t be affected by the effect; celebrity hairstylist Bennett Grey explains this is untrue. According to him, “Curly hair thrives with this cut.” Grey says it doesn’t require much maintenance as curly and wavy strands won’t experience much bulkiness as the style grows. “The shaggy, heavily layered style removes weight and bulk near the crown of the head, giving curls that You would normally weigh down some extra bounce and volume.”

But Philip adds that the look plays best with a lived-in texture with lots of movement and looks good on most curl and wave types. Although it might be as easy as a “scrunch and go” look, it’s not quite as simple as “wash and goes.” He offers expert advice, including using a microfiber towel or cotton to absorb excess water, a pH spray to seal your cuticles, and always having your go-to curl-enhancing leave-in conditioner or styling cream on hand. Air drying is frequently the most straightforward solution, but you may use a diffuser if necessary. “Most individuals won’t need to use hair tools and very little heat,” he continues.

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What exactly is the wolf cut now?

bts wolf cut

Pre-BTS K-Pop stars in South Korea wore the look before it became famous in the United States; it is a younger, hipper cousin of the shag cut from the 1970s and 1980s. It has much more texture than the classic shag, and there is usually more separation in the layers, giving it a fuller top that blends into a shaggy mullet all around.” these longer layers pair with a bang of some description. To complete the effect (see above).

More info: CNN Style mentions BTS’s Jin as an icon of the “wolf cut”: a gender fluid hairstyle popular among Gen Z.

Can you give curly hair a wolf cut?

Anyone with non-straight hair can rock the popular style.

If possible, consult a well-known stylist for the look so you can acquire the look you want. You can even learn style and maintenance advice! However, you can DIY it also if you like. Numerous videos on YouTube and TikTok demonstrate how to create the look at home with only a pair of scissors, rubber bands or hair ties, and a comb.

Follow these Youtube hair cut guides to get the wolf cut style!


Will I look friendly with the wolf cut?

It’s all about attitude, so think about donning a look that’s a little bit rocker, retro, and a lot of fun. It’s famous primarily among those under 25 who are ready to rejoin society after a year of social isolation and stay-at-home instructions. According to celebrity hairstylist Tommy Buckett, “Shags, mullets, and fringe are always gorgeous in the summer, and it’s such a difference from the long, grown-out COVID hair we’ve been seeing.” It’s new, hip, and not monotonous.

Since the cut largely relies on layers and volume, it suits various hair types and textures, although Johnson thinks individuals with thicker hair that has a hint of wave or curl will look best with a wolf cut. Straight hair will probably need a little more style time to add volume or movement at home, she continues. However, Buckett warns that this is a style you should avoid if you have magnificent hair that frequently loses body or tightly coiled hair that is prone to frizz.

So if you are still in doubt if your curly will look good in a wolf cut, we hope this article helps you decide.

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